We supply America • Season 3 • Episode 5 • PG • 21 min

Where Growth, Purpose, & Impact Converge

In the heartland, where cows signal the presence of flourishing cheese and food processors, Nelson-Jameson has firmly rooted itself as a beacon of innovation and altruism. Beyond being a comprehensive supplier to food, dairy, and beverage processing plants, they’ve become synonymous with integrity, compassion, and community. Embark on a journey with Nelson-Jameson, a company where golden-rule principles are the fabric of a culture that nurtures growth, well-being, and a genuine desire to make the world a better place.

Kindness, Integrity, and a Commitment to Being a Force for Good

Immerse yourself in a story that epitomizes the force of good in the corporate world. Nelson-Jameson takes the concept of a family business to new heights, fostering a nurturing environment where individuals are empowered to realize their dreams. As innovators at heart, they rush to meet challenges head-on, crafting solutions that forge new paths in the industry. Dive into a narrative of a company seamlessly merging tradition with innovation, carving a future where service and community stand as pillars of success.

starring in this episode

Mike Rindy


Amanda Sasse

Fourth-Generation Owner

Brian Scheuer

Assistant Warehouse Manager

Devon Vogel

VP of Customer Solutions

Carl Hamann

VP of Capital Projects

Mat Bartkowiak

VP of Corporate Responsibility and Development

Michael Wilke

Director of Finance

Jesse Sojka

Assistant Warehouse Manager

Jenna Ponshock

MRO Department Manager

Heather Binder

Business Analyst

Hailey Hoffman

Product Manager

Full Interview With President Mike Rindy

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exclusive Leader interview

Get immediate access to the full interview between Dirk and Nelson-Jameson, Inc.’s President Mike Rindy.

exclusive Leader interview

Get immediate access to the full interview between Dirk and IBT Industrial’s CEO Jeff Cloud With Bonus Carin Sampson Interview

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