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We believe in distribution and in you – Let's Unleash The Pride In Your Company And Associates By Telling Your Story

When the We Supply America RV pulls into your facility, you communicate to all your hardworking employees just how valued they are. You can’t put a price on employee engagement and these events are a unique opportunity for them to come together in celebration.  And when you capture the day’s events the value becomes exponential by leveraging these new assets in your marketing, recruiting, and onboarding.

Now Taking 2024 Tour Stop Requests!

I don’t think anyone has been able to articulate what we do as distributors as well as you are doing on this tour you are on. I felt that we needed to be a part of it – to be a part of the story you’re telling. Helping our team understand the important role they fill in contributing to building America, that was great today.

What You Can Expect

When The RV Pulls In, Get Ready For An Event Unlike Any Other

Together, we’ll inject a dose of inspiration into your company & Team of Associates

Every visit has its unique timing, activities, and objectives.  Dirk and our team are fully committed to giving all we have to make this event special and lasting for your employees and your company. Here is a starting point for planning the event.

10:00 AM
Dirk and the We Supply America RV arrive.  Introductions to leadership team and last minute coordination with any marketing and video personnel you have to capture the day.

10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Dirk is given a tour of the business, meeting employees in their place of work, hearing their stories, and pride in what they do.

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
Employee appreciation lunch is served.  Dirk has a chance to interact with employees as they eat. Dirk and leadership address the employees with Q&A reinforcing the noble calling of the distribution theme and the importance and dignity of the work of each employee.

1:30 PM
Employees receive their We Supply America t-shirts and together give the “We Supply America” cheer in front of the RV.

2:00 PM
Dirk and the RV depart.

2024 Tour Dates TBD

2024 Sea-To-Shining-Sea Tour Will Happen June – August

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Stops Available in 2024

The day was more than I could ever have imagined, and really appreciate you bringing the tour to Kamo. I thought it would be a lot of fun, but it was even better than I thought. To other distributors I’d say, ‘Get on the schedule before the tour fills up. It’s a great opportunity and you’ll have marketing assets to use for years to come.

What's expected of you

Creating A Unique Experience With You And Your Team

This stop is all about you – Let's make a plan for it to be Special

We love the process of working with you to tell your story – to celebrate and shine a light on your business and most importantly the people of your business. Here are a few things that we’ll ask of you and your team.

Making A Lasting Impact

Imagine The Possibilities

Strategic Leveraging Of Bringing Dirk & The Tour Into Your Business

The only limits, are the limits of our imagination. What makes us extremely happy is when your creative juices catch fire and your team taps into their desire to make a difference in all they do.  When we create this experience for and with you, your team is provided the opportunity to capture the day’s events for internal and external communications. 

Here are some examples from last year’s tour in support of marketing, social media, recruiting, onboarding, employee communications, and other uses.

What I loved the most was watching the staff interact with you. Outside of training for a specific role, this was our first time focusing on the big picture of what we do and taking the day to celebrate the importance of the work each of us do. It was awesome! I could see the excitement on everyone’s face, the enjoyment of interacting with you, and feeling special and appreciated.

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