We supply America • Season 2 • Episode 2 • PG • 23 min 

Robert Weed: Transformation 2.0

In 2020, Robert Weed launched its 2.0 transformation initiative, an effort focused on innovation, growth, supply chain discipline, and employee and community support. The third generation of leadership recognized complacency had set into the organization and created a vision and strategy with a bolder ambition. The new leadership team at Robert Weed, led by the 35-year-old 3rd generation CEO, is committed to playing the long game. Transformation 2.0 has the company investing in technology, its people, supplier and customer partnerships, and the local community, leaving no stone unturned.

Championing The Noble Generation of Leadership

What does the future look like as the Robert Weed transformation journey continues? As CEO Will Weed tells us in the Bonus CEO interview film, “A healthier and more sustainable workforce. People who are more prideful in what they are doing can take care of their families and educate and develop themselves. That’s at the core. And we’ll be more diversified than we are today.” This is the Noble Generation of leadership at its finest.

starring in this episode

Will Weed

Chief Executive Officer

Margie Rodino

Chief Culture Officer

Steve Ramel


Holly Quirk

Materials Planner/MRO

Eric Willams

Distribution Manager

Bob Murphy

Senior IT Helpdesk Technician

Julie Stenberg

Life Coach

Full Interview With CEO Will Weed

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exclusive Leader interview

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