An Exclusive 3 Hour Leadership Masterclass 

The Noble Calling of Leadership

Practical Lessons From The We Supply America Tour

We all know that great businesses are led by great leaders.  But what makes a great leader in this pandemic era?  And more importantly, how do successful leaders create the irresistible culture that employees and customers alike pursue in this changed world?  Learn how to create an environment where every individual on your team thrives while seizing the most important leadership opportunities facing leaders in distribution today.

Discover Your Leadership Imperatives For 2022

In this 3-hour, deep-dive workshop, UnleashWD founder and We Supply America executive producer, Dirk Beveridge will share the culmination of his 97 day We Supply America tour, working with and learning from some of the country’s greatest distribution companies.

Join Us Live On SUNDAY, December 12th From 2:00–5:00 PM CST

The Definition Of Leadership Is Changing

During the workshop you’ll use this assessment to identify your strengths and opportunities as a leader.

What You Will Do During This Exclusive Workshop


Engage in a leadership assessment that will provide a roadmap to successfully lead in 2022 and beyond


Understand how the 7 ethos of the noble calling of leadership provides the most effective strategies to lead a team of people in this pandemic age


Optimize the personal and professional growth of your team as the catalyst for growth of your organization

Who Should attend this workshop?

This workshop is for all leaders at all levels of your organization.  The workshop will cover insights and lessons that can be used in defining corporate strategy as well as those that can be used day-in-and-day-out by every manager and every leader in your business.

Facilitated By Dirk Beveridge

we supply america executive producer
and Unleashwd founder

Dirk Beveridge is unleashing an innovation movement throughout distribution. The author of INNOVATE! How Successful Distributors Lead Change In Disruptive Times, and the founder of the ground breaking UnleashWD Innovation Summit delivers proven, and often disruptive thinking. After studying and researching hundreds of organizations that suffer marketplace mediocrity, Dirk created a framework for innovation that significantly shifts companies into better performance … not just for today, but more importantly, for tomorrow.

The Noble calling Of Leadership


sunday, december 12  •  2:00–5:00 PM Central

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Interested in registering 2... 5... 10... or more team members?

We firmly believe that the benefits of attending this masterclass will be exponentially greater when attended together with other leaders in your organization. If you’d like to register your team to join the masterclass, please use the button below to fill out a special registration form. We’ll reach out after to confirm your seats in the class and finalize all the details, including group payment and granting individual access to the masterclass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us start by saying your Sundays are precious.  They are important for family, rest, relaxation, and to recharge.  As we structured this workshop we looked at its significance and importance – and like our Shift To Tomorrow Sunday sessions at the start of the pandemic, concluded that this is the best chance for a focused block of time.  Sunday’s are a day of reflection and preparation.  This workshop will guide you to use these important hours to reflect on how leadership is changing and prepare yourself to nobly lead your organization into the future.

As we said above, we fully understand if Sunday afternoon does not work for you.  Sundays are important family and self days.  If you can’t attend we recommend that you register, block off another three hour block of time in the coming week that works for you, and engage through the on-demand replay that will be offered to those who pre-register.

This is another reason to participate live on Sunday, October 24th.  The workshop is designed to have you interact in real time with a small group of like minded leaders to collaborate together.  So yes, you will have the opportunity to interact with other attendees during the workshop.

The workshop is designed for maximum effectiveness.  Dirk Beveridge will be the facilitator and always will bring his energy and passion to the conversation.  He will methodically and interactively share the information delivering an organized roadmap of lessons and tools.  Additionally you will lave the opportunity to collaborate with a small group of fellow attendees to personalize the lessons.

As Dirk traveled the country on the We Supply America tour he uncovered 7 ethos that defines the noble calling of distribution.  Within these seven ethos are new lessons, beliefs, and practices redefining leadership throughout distribution.  Defining the noble calling of distribution:

  • Purpose – Called by a compelling North Star to make an impact, create meaning, and unleash possibilities
  • People – Create a platform for the personal and professional development for all employees who aspire for more
  • Family – Embrace the inherent value and humanity of every individual through a dignified respect
  • Ownership Mindset – Foster an entrepreneurial mindset that empowers each individual to innovate more freely
  • Customer Centricity – Obsessed with being deeply connected to the customer & passionately focused on helping them prosper
  • Expertise – Champion the noble calling of distribution, its important role in society, and how every employee contributes
  • Profit – Promote the inherent goodness of business and how its profits contribute to individual freedom

If you’d like to register 2… 5… 10… or more individuals to join the masterclass, please follow this link to fill out a special registration form. We’ll reach out after to confirm your seats in the class and finalize all the details.

Special Thanks To Our Partners

Lead by founder Dirk Beveridge, UnleashWD is a design, innovation, and strategy firm who transforms legacy wholesale distributors into nimble and innovative market leaders.

Infor is a global leader in business cloud software who designs modern, intuitive, and agile solutions that help wholesale distributors achieve continuous innovation to be more competitive.

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